We all are aware that the worlds fossil fuel resources such as petrol and diesel are almost completely depleted and so it’s been noted by major and minor Automobile manufacturers alike.

The influx of Electric Vehicles in the market is a clear sign that a lot of the people in the Automobile industry are taking this fact very seriously.

We of course are doing the same but ours differ by being the most beautiful Electric Vehicles around.

Millions of Royal Enfield owners are soon to face a decision whether to sell of their bikes that can’t be fuelled anymore and move to other Electric vehicles, we believe that Royal Enfields are going to be the hardest to let go off because of the relationships Royal Enfield Owners have with their bikes, we want to be the ones who offer a choice to retain the identity of their beloved machines by giving them a new and super-efficient heart transplant…………we are working on ways to Electrify the Royal Enfield.

A lot of our customers too would need to either resign the masterpieces we have built for them to show pieces living in their hall rooms of dust covered antiques rusting in their garages, we would love to give these Unique and Exclusive creations a new lease of life, a cleaner, more efficient and maintenance free life.

We are testing Hub motors, mid drive motors, mid drive coupled with gearbox motors etc. to create a variation of different options for the various kinds of customers we have.

1.500+ Satisfied Customers

Over 15 years of Experience

1 crore kms of testing motorcycles

All start team of 9

When You Are On a Great Motorcycle, You Have The Best Seat You Will Ever Have

Ricardo Pereira- Founder, Bulleteer Customs



Our Clients have been the ones to make us who we are today and we love it when they're more than satisfied with the Masterpieces we build for them, in fact, the best part of the build is watching them taking delivery of their dream come true!

Excellent place to custom your bike's. Neet work, brilliant work, genuine staffs.

Suresh Kumar Maalgudi

One of India's finest custom Bullet builders. Truly mind-blowing to see and truly soul quenching to ride. Royal Enfield; Feel your heart beat.

Lohith Shettigar

A one stop solution to have a dream design of your choice. Ricardo is superb in terms of managing your ideas and implementing them into the bike.

The Explorer

Loved the place .. Best place for Bullet Lover's... Amazing intelligence and specs for mod''s sheer passion

Santosh Segaran

An awesome customs service to modify your bike.. Fair price.. Good service.. Some crazy bikes on the shop..