Scramblers are by far the most fun builds

These are for the individuals’ who don’t get their bikes washed at the local car wash; they prefer to ride down to a nearby stream for a splash to get them as dirty as possible while doing so. Scramblers are by far the most fun builds we do mostly because of what they are built to do. Our Indian Roads are adventurous to say the least are have made some of the best riders I’ve seen, with pot holes and mud patches and gravel and puddles, these roads were meant for scramblers and our Scramblers turn a weekend ride into the funnest thing you’ve ever done and all this fun starts where the good roads end.


We recommend Intermediate tyres for our Scramblers and have found RALCO tyres to make the best ones around, Good grip on and off the road are essential for a SCRAMBLER and we balance this with our inimitable style.


Details like headlight grills, fog lights, crash guards and carriers, shortened fenders and blacked out or patina finishes compliment the natural Garage built flavor of this style of Custom Bike. You can also go for a tourer personality with your Scrambler by adding panniers and top boxes etc.


Basic and bold paint jobs match the “ No-nonsense “ vibe going with Scramblers and matte black rather than chrome give it the rugged look. These can also sport Racing numbers incorporated into the paint theme.


A slab or Bench seat is a very important part of any SCRAMBLER build and you can choose between Vintage Tan, Black or a combination of the two, there are even textures that you can choose from including ribbed of Diamond pressed etc.

When You Are On a Great Motorcycle, You Have The Best Seat You Will Ever Have

Ricardo Pereira- Founder, Bulleteer Customs
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"A picture is worth a 1000 words but when a beautiful bike is in it....... It's worth a Million"

We love design and we love craftsmanship as well and that’s given us the perfect skill set to explore various genres of Motorcycle design, the fact that we never stuck to a particular build type is the reason why we had so much fun over the years and consequently turning out a comprehensive collection of bikes in each style, every motorcycle that rolls out of Bulleteer Customs has a unique name and personality of course and is absolutely one of a kind.



Our Clients have been the ones to make us who we are today and we love it when they're more than satisfied with the Masterpieces we build for them, in fact, the best part of the build is watching them taking delivery of their dream come true!

Excellent place to custom your bike's. Neet work, brilliant work, genuine staffs.

Suresh Kumar Maalgudi

One of India's finest custom Bullet builders. Truly mind-blowing to see and truly soul quenching to ride. Royal Enfield; Feel your heart beat.

Lohith Shettigar

A one stop solution to have a dream design of your choice. Ricardo is superb in terms of managing your ideas and implementing them into the bike.

The Explorer

Loved the place .. Best place for Bullet Lover's... Amazing intelligence and specs for mod''s sheer passion

Santosh Segaran

An awesome customs service to modify your bike.. Fair price.. Good service.. Some crazy bikes on the shop..