Our Clients have been the ones to make us who we are today and we love it when they're more than satisfied with the Masterpieces we build for them, in fact, the best part of the build is watching them taking delivery of their dream come true!

A one stop solution to have a dream design of your choice. Ricardo is superb in terms of managing your ideas and implementing them into the bike.

The Explorer

An awesome customs service to modify your bike.. Fair price.. Good service.. Some crazy bikes on the shop..


Came back to my enquiry quickly with a reasonable quote for a build I am considering.

Paul Morris

Excellent place to custom your bike's. Neet work, brilliant work, genuine staffs.

Sureshkumar Maalgudi

Loved the place .. Best place for Bullet Lover's... Amazing intelligence and specs for mod''s sheer passion 👌

Santosh Segaran

One of India's finest custom Bullet builders. Truly mind-blowing to see and truly soul quenching to ride. Royal Enfield; Feel your heart beat.

Lohith Shettigar

One stop place to get your enfields modified

Rahul Pant

Keep up the great job

Dr Bobby Cyrriac

Love it and proud of the work Ricardo Pereira does. Inspiring!

Christobelle Joseph

The Best customs for Royal Enfields. Amazing setup and you will never be disappointed

Dennisld Leonard

Love the place awesome bikes its a bikers dream place.

Derek Fernandez

Great, professional modifiers

Raj R

Bulleteercustoms led by Ric are a rare set of individuals who make the machine just for you! Ric is a master of this art and you have to simply allow him to do his work. I followed his lead and let him do his magic and what a masterpiece he created. He remembers every detail of the conversation. I was blown away by his level of detailing in the bike that he made. It feels like everyone in his team thinks from a single brain. They love their job and you can see the pride they hold for their creation. Cheers to you .

Jeevanth Kumar ATOM 650

This is a great place to get your Enfield modified. Ricardo does beautiful work on the bikes and they end up looking superb. Let him know your budget and he'll let you know what can be done in that. Everything from a simple paint job to a complete radical mod with tyres, tank, suspension and lights swapped out can be done. The mods do take time for building and testing so you need to be patient, but then you'll have a completely unique bike at the end of it to make people around you jealous!

Arpit Tiwari